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Character-driven Fiction, Fine Dialogues and Great Writing – @EdenBaylee’s New Mystery Set in the Sunny Caribbean

My Rating: 5 Stars It’s a been a joy to read this exciting and engaging mystery. I started it a few nights ago. It pulled me in straight away. A host of characters are gathered in the fabulous location of … Continue reading

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A Historical Tour de #Belgium: #Bruges, #OstendAtlanticWalls and #Ypres

Following John’s post Remembering Great Granddad George, I am filling in some gaps and sharing a few more pictures of our ‘expedition’ to our European cousins. Yes, I have wanted to visit Bruges for quite sometime, long before I saw the … Continue reading

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#Translation Can Be Stupid & Comical: #Chinese, #Spanish and #English Signs For Laughs

During the interesting and engaging discussions on my post Bilingual Readers: Do You Prefer to Read in English or in Your Mother Tongue?,  I got ‘chatting’ with many smart, multilingual professional translators on LinkedIn including Phyllis Eisenstadt. On learning that we both collect funny … Continue reading

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Jewels of #Yorkshire: #BrimhamRocks, #YorkshireSculpturePark and #TourDeFrance

Many years have gone by since I lived in West Yorkshire, followed by a short happy year in South Yorkshire. For me, those were seven interesting years in my life, and for John, it was longer, and as a matter of … Continue reading

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