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John Kirk is Director of International Office in a large UK university. With a degree in English Literature, an MBA and Diploma in Marketing his interests are many including reading novels and poetry, films, history, politics, news, technology and sport. Keen on being outdoors from an early age John is a cyclist and walker. He is interested in what is happening to the environment and in alternative energy as one of the key priorities for the human race.

From #Birmingham to #Copenhagen: Route to #Happiness

By John Kirk Copenhagen is built around the bicycle and Birmingham (UK and USA) is built around the car. It is that simple. For the past 40 years the Danes have been investing in infrastructure to support and encourage the … Continue reading

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Fast and Slow – a Tale of Two Tapas Restaurants (#Tenerife 2)

by John Kirk During our two weeks on the Spanish island of Tenerife we had the pleasure to eat at two very different tapas bars. Both great in their own way, and highly rated on the all-important TripAdvisor website, they … Continue reading

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#Dubai: A Modern City Where the East Meets the West

By John Kirk Dubai is a symbol of the modern world, energy hungry, multinational and dedicated to consumerism and the pursuit of luxury. Thirty years ago it barely existed, a minor port in the Arabian Gulf; one of the less significant … Continue reading

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#China’s Great Wall No Longer Stops Invaders.

By John Kirk A fat business man parked his Range Rover right across the pedestrian crossing as we approached. I pointed out the selfishness of this as we detoured around his two tons of expensive male jewellery, but he just smiled … Continue reading

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