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John Kirk is Director of International Office in a large UK university. With a degree in English Literature, an MBA and Diploma in Marketing his interests are many including reading novels and poetry, films, history, politics, news, technology and sport. Keen on being outdoors from an early age John is a cyclist and walker. He is interested in what is happening to the environment and in alternative energy as one of the key priorities for the human race.

From One Ironman to Another

by John Kirk Birmingham shivered in sub zero temperatures. Even Antony Gormley’s Iron Man looked a little rustier with the snow settled on him. It was time to get away to warmer climes and the land of iron men of … Continue reading

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#Christmas – Traditional Trees

by John Kirk As we begin to think about dismantling the Christmas tree and putting the decorations back into their boxes for another year, few of us will question the presence of a fir tree in our lounges at this … Continue reading

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Mechanical Bread Making

by John Kirk I have long wanted to “bake my own bread” but really couldn’t be bothered with all that yeast culture and kneading stuff. I really like good bread. In fact by the look of my mid section I like … Continue reading

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Amsterdam (2) – City of Arts, Canals, Cycling, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Dutch Masters

John: Two Wheels Better Than Four As a keen cyclist I was looking forward to seeing how well Amsterdam’s transport system worked. From the moment you land at Schiphol Airport the modernity and thoroughness of thought are what strike you. … Continue reading

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