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I came to Britain from China in 1988. I have worked as an academic, administrator, researcher, teacher, professional interpreter/translator and cultural consultant. Currently working as an International Partnerships Manager in a large UK university, I enjoy reading, writing, sampling a variety of yummy foods, travelling the world and blogging about my adventures :). My 'Journey to the West' trilogy - 'The Same Moon', 'Trials of Life' and 'Land of Hope' are available on Amazon (both on Kindle and paperbacks), Smashwords and iBook. I live in Birmingham, UK with my husband.

#Norway (1): #Hiking and #Kayaking in Hardanger Fjord

Wow. One word, that would describe what I saw in Norway perfectly. Here is another: AWESOME! In capital letters, to distinguish it from the overused expression by the positive yet likely to exaggerate younger Americans. Last week, John and I … Continue reading

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An Illegal #Immigrant’s Passage to #LandOfHope

  Nothing left but despair. Only one way out of that mess – the snakeheads, gang masters, agents, or whatever name people used to label them. They were the only ones who could ‘help’ me and my family, and seemingly … Continue reading

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#Music Monday: #AmazingGrace & #Mama by #IlDivo to #ThankYou

Last Thursday on WeChat, my Brother Brad’s update suddenly caught my eye and my breath: It went something like this in Chinese: Mother fell ill all of a sudden, I’m rushing to Chengdu to keep her company. At the famous … Continue reading

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#Picture Tour of #Europe (3): #Madeira and #Porto in #Portugal

From Spain we travel to her neighbouring state of Portugal. Again you come with me for a little trip via pictures John and I took during our mini adventures to this beautiful country. Our first taste of Portugal was its … Continue reading

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