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I came to Britain from China in 1988. I have worked as an academic, administrator, researcher, teacher, professional interpreter/translator and cultural consultant. Currently working as an International Partnerships Manager in a large UK university, I enjoy reading, writing, sampling a variety of yummy foods, travelling the world and blogging about my adventures :). My 'Journey to the West' trilogy - 'The Same Moon', 'Trials of Life' and 'Land of Hope' are available on Amazon (both on Kindle and paperbacks), Smashwords and iBook. I live in Birmingham, UK with my husband.

#Brexit or #Bremain, That Was the Referendum. #Question: Now What?

On the 23rd of June 2016, the world changed, for me and for many who live and work in the UK, and for many more who are Europeans and further afield, whether or not they wanted Britain to Remain in … Continue reading

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#Picture Blog on a Picnic #Summer Fun in #SuttonPark 野餐皇家萨登公园图文并茂

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, when the Kirks’ annual picnic in Sutton Park was in full swing on a Saturday in June. Some of you probably remember that we enjoyed a fabulous outing in May last year, … Continue reading

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#BCU Staff and Students Journey Into #Africa

Celebrating culture and diversity is something some of us feel passionate about, especially me. Fortunately at BCU we have a platform to showcase different cultures and customs. In the past year, together with my colleagues at the International Office, I … Continue reading

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Back to #Writing: Time for a New #Book

What makes a writer pick up a pen and start writing? Or in today’s world, instead of doing whatever we are supposed to be doing at work or at leisure, we choose to sit in front of our computer and … Continue reading

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