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“You Changed My Life”

One Dark clouds, spring showers, it was a rainy day in early May when I returned from school. As usual, I stayed in school as long as I could, not only because there was so much home work, but more … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities: Changle & Fuqing in Southern China (福清和长乐)

This week I continue my series of blogs on China, following  last week’s  China Communism vs Capitalism. It seems timely and highly topical to address the political ‘Hot Potato’ immigration, as our Tory leader and Prime Minister David Cameron made … Continue reading

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Dick Is Dead – Trials of Life

Prologue A dreary day in early November, a chilly strong wind from the Irish Sea blew across the country. The previous week had been sunny and almost too warm for the English autumn. Suddenly but quite predictably, the weather took … Continue reading

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#China, Communism vs. Capitalism?

I am writing a series of blogs on China, and today I start with a very serious theme, a highly sensitive and a political one. Is China still a Communist country, as she has claimed to be, or has she … Continue reading

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