Soul to Seoul – Sights, Sounds and Smells of South Korea, and a Short Story (3)

Seoul Statues

In this week’s post on my Korean experience, as promised, I’ll give you a special treat. Instead of telling you what I have seen, heard and tasted, I’ll SHOW you. Feast your eyes and your imagination with the highlights of my sightseeing in Seoul. A picture/video blog would be highly appropriate, a visual way to showcase the true wonders of this top city.  Visit the Royal Palaces, sample the food and climb the N-Tower for a breath-taking, panoramic view!

Autumn In Seoul – Gyeongbokgung

I hope you enjoy the pictures from this post and my previous Korean blogs, and especially the video which I’ve made. However, I would also like to tell you a little story about Seoul, another anecdote, for me to treasure.

Soul to Seoul – Korean Arts, Culture, Cuisine and Sights

On the last day, on arriving at the Inchon Airport, an hour from Seoul, where our returning flight was waiting, horror struck when the bus driver unloaded our luggage.

Can you see the pink/grey suitcase?

“Where is my suitcase?”I asked, in panic, frantically looking around.

The bus driver checked again, inside and out, and shook his head: “No.” He shot out a series of Korean words which did not make sense to any of us.

“We have four suitcases,” came out our collective voices, that of Matt, John and myself.

“Three,” replied the bus driver, taking another look at the luggage space. No more, only three on the pavement.

No mistake, my pink and grey Pierre Cardin suitcase was nowhere to be seen.

“Four,” Our voices in unison.

“Three,” insisted the bus driver, “Gangnam,” he said in the end, and rushed back to his bus and drove off.

Autumn is the Best Time to Visit

In the next half hour, we were in the airport, recalling the different scenarios: Did someone take out my suitcase when the bus made a stop along the way? Was the bus driver onto the scam with others? Why didn’t the driver give us a ticket for each luggage, as they did on our way in? What happened to my luggage? Did we really leave in Gangnam station where David saw us off? Would he not see it if it was there?

John found David’s number and called him. I went to the Information desk. The young girl was helpful, asking me for detailed descriptions of my luggage, our bus times and making calls, presumably checking on which bus driver we had.

Minutes passed and my heart sank – it’s gone. David called back. He went back to Gangnam bus station which we left over an hour ago. He found my suitcase where it was – it never got onto the bus with us in the first place!


“I can’t imagine that anywhere else in the world,” I said.

“Except perhaps Switzerland,” John said, “In the UK, the whole area would have been evacuated by now.”

City of Arts

“The fact that it’s till there says a lot about the Koreans,” concluded Matt.

Yes, indeed. I felt guilty, of suspecting the bus driver, then relief – I had thought that this unexpected incident on leaving Korea would have put a damper on my wonderful experience of this fabulous country and her people.

It did not. In fact, it has made my Korean experience even more unforgettable, ending it in such a positive note, making sure that it is a country that I would be eager to return.

That is precisely why I ended my video with “Goodbye, Seoul – We’ll be Back!”

Seoul City

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  1. Junying – absolutely GORGEOUS! Loved the video, loved seeing you do a little ‘jiggle’, loved the food (give me strength!), and I loved that one book which caught my eye in the bookstore! LOL, you know… ‘Big Breasts & Wide Hips’. 😀 😀 It is such a gorgeous place, everything is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. As usual you keep me riveted! XX

    • Junying says:


      Delighted that you enjoyed the video – you know the man who wrote Big Breasts and Wide Hips is this year’s Nobel prize winner for literature, and his name is Mo Yan – “Don’t Speak” :). I have that book on my list but I’m going to read the Chinese version 🙂

      Always happy to make you laugh, and once in a while, cry 🙂

      • No! I didn’t know that, lol. That is fabulous. I’d love to hear what you think of the book once you’ve had a chance to read it. 😀

        True, you do both! Make me laugh here, and cry with your books!

        • danniehill says:

          I want to go there! And not for the big vreasts ans wide hips. lol. Bueatiful post Junying

          • Junying says:

            Sandra – will let you know. I hope in the long term, I make you laugh more than cry 🙂

            Dannie – You’d enjoy Korea, I’m sure – people there are like Thai people, petite and slim and beautiful 🙂 You’ll enjoy the food, and it’s only a short flight from you 🙂

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