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Doreen McGettigan’ Rating:  5 Stars

Although Land of Hope is the third book in the author’s trilogy, Journey to the West, this book has no trouble standing alone. I will be going back to read The Same Moon and Trials of Life.

Pearl, the main character and narrator has moved on after leaving, forcefully her successful career and has landed as an interpreter for law enforcement as well as other agencies while struggling with the heartache of being separated from the love of her life Andrew.

Page after page Junying reveals each of her characters layers, one at a time artfully drawing us in until we are emotionally, intertwined and invested in this story and its characters. Right before our eyes Pearl becomes a real, breathing human being with flaws, passion and the age- old, soul born struggle of good versus evil.  You may find yourself disagreeing with some of her choices, yet you will cheer her on and wonder what is coming next. You will swear you can hear Pearl’s as well as the other characters’ hearts beating louder with each turning of the page.

This story is one of fiction yet it is deeply rooted in truth. The struggles of illegal immigrants are real, gritty and beyond shocking.  Human beings that leave everything they own and loved ones to cross borders into other lands, not just America but all over the world can easily find themselves victims of the world’s most dark, notorious criminals. They can be sexually exploited, financially devastated and/or sold into slavery. Junying does not just ‘touch on’ the politically charged topic, she dives right into what I personally believe is our world’s most current, egregious and under reported crimes against humanity of all time, the epidemic of human trafficking.

Parts of this book were painful and quite difficult for me to read through because of my own past but I applaud and congratulate Junying for finding the words that will shine a very bright light on a very dark reality.
This book will emotionally affect you, it will bring every ounce of compassion and empathy you hold in your soul to the surface and leave you deep in thought


224057_1961889962550_3810786_nDoreen McGettigan is the author of Bristol boyz Stomp. The book is the true story of the random road rage murder of her brother, musician David Albert and the family’s struggle for justice.

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December 2012

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