My Spanish Special (1): Seafood (Marisco)

My short but exceedingly sweet holiday in idyllic Southern Spain has just ended, but my fond memories of this beautiful land and her people remain with me, keeping me warm in the freezing cold of the moment, in wintry days making my joyful heart sing with pleasure and delight.

Just over a year ago, I wrote a short blog entitled Seafood Extravaganza, telling the world why I love seafood. Today, I shall continue that theme, given that I consider myself a foodie and having been treated to some of the freshest, most delicious seafood during my Spanish visit. As many of you already know, we Chinese people are known to be ‘obsessed’ with food, and I especially enjoy eating gourmet foods, talking about them in my waking hours even dreaming about them at night, and more recently blogging about the heavenly delicacies that I’ve come to sample, indulging my palate.

They are alive :)

Who can name this fish?

My gracious and beautiful hostess Maria is well aware of my ‘healthy obsession’ with food and luckily both she and Miguel, my other host, are just like me – they love food as much as I do, if not more so :). Consequently, my one-week break was understandably punctuated with regular treats of different kinds of super food. I shall, however, focus this post on the love of my life: SEAFOOD, in Spanish, Marisco :).

So Tasty :)

On my first night, despite it being a Monday when most restaurants were closed, my hosts found a local restaurant where they served seafood. Take a look at the pictures and tell me that you are not tempted? The grilled prawns are delicious, and so was that strange looking item – I wonder if anyone not from Spain knows what they are. But trust me, they are damn bloody delicious!

Grilled Prawns

What the hell is that :)?

Maria and I visited several fish markets near her home, which is a peaceful village called Los Barrios, sitting decorously between Malaga and Cadiz. Each time I was amazed at the variety of creatures brought from the depths of the sea and I wanted to try them all. “I’d be so happy just to have a tiny proportion of this, just one shop like this where I live,” I said to Maria, and she knew that I meant it.

Great Variety :)

During one of our outings, to Tarifa, the coast town overlooking Africa, we bought Swordfish (el pez espada), and on return, Maria cooked it on her special equipment – I need to see if I can find something similar in the UK, as it seems great way to grill fish and meat. All you need to do is to add a bit of sea salt and pepper, and you’ll have a perfect dish for dinner!

Grilled Swordfish at home :)

On Saturday, we spent a wonderful day exploring Cadiz. As we sauntered along the streets, taking in the sights and sounds of this beautiful coastal city, we walked past a shop, where they served drinks. “Let’s have a drink,” Miguel said, with authority.

Before we knew it, I was sharing a cold beer and being fed with the freshest choices on a seafood platter – they are so good that words are not enough to describe how they tasted – I tingle with delight now even just thinking about it :)! Inspect the picture below, close your eyes and imagine their heavenly flavours :)

Mejor Marisco :)

On our way to Malaga Airport yesterday, my hosts made a reservation in a restaurant along the scenic route of Costa de la Luz and Costa del Sol, and again we enjoyed a sumptuous feast of the freshest kind, with the best Paella de mariscos, Chanquetitos fritos, Pulpo en picadillo, Concha fina (Spanish translation from a new friend I made, Jose :) Gracias, mi amigo.

The Best Seafood Paella :)

Fried Chanquetitos, Malaga Speciality

Octopus Salad – YUM!

I hope you have enjoyed my seafood treat for you today – please come back soon, as I shall share many more fabulous photos from this marvelous trip, showing you the places I visited, the people I met who have offered me amazing hospitality and the wonderful sights that this part of Spain is famed for. I have more Spanish music, Salsa dancing and even a recipe for the best Spanish Omelette on video at the end of this post, especially for you :)


This video is public.Spanish Culinary Delights – Omlette, Seafood and Sweets

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4 Responses to My Spanish Special (1): Seafood (Marisco)

  1. FOOD, food and more food! Honestly, I’ve put on 7 kilos since visiting your blog in the past year! This needs to stop, LOL. The paella looks simply decadent! Awesome, Junying. I’ll be making crab curry this weekend, perhaps I should send you a photo? It’s my son’s favourite meal, and one he could eat for days on end.

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful time in Spain. It is a gorgeous country. I’ve fond memories of it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    My brother’s name is Miguel! :D

  2. Junying says:

    Yes, Sandra, please send me some photos, as well as a recipe – I think you already have it on your site, which I’ll happily ‘steal’ :)

    No worries – all my pictures and blog posts are calorie-free, so you’re safe :)

  3. danniehill says:

    I love seafood, Junying! And you make me want to visit Spain and enjoy. Actually I do plan to visit in a sailboat- maybe as early as next year and then perhaps off to ole England. You do have some great ideas for food!

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