Music Monday – Kiss the Rain by Yiruma

20120127_yiruma_kisstherain ‘Kiss the Rain’, isn’t that a romantic title for a piano piece?

I think so. That may be my Chinese roots talking. Somehow I have a feeling that maybe that we Asians have a more optimistic view about the rain. The Brits, on the other hand, tend to complain incessantly about the rain. To be fair, on this side of the English channel, we do seem to have more than our fair share of the downpour, so it is hard to stay upbeat when the sky is constantly dark and the country roads forever muddy and wet.

Last night, I was unable to sleep; my mind just would not shut up. After struggling for sometime, unsuccessfully, I gave up trying and switched on my iPad. There it was, Yiruma’s Kiss the Rain. I played several versions, even one with the sound of the rain on the background.

At the dead calm of the night, the music went straight to my heart, caressing my very soul. It reminded me of a few scenes of The Same Moon, where when Pearl, kissed the ‘rain’, nickname for her first ‘love’, then her crying in the soaking rain by a lake with a broken heart.

I hope you enjoy today’s music choice, and may you enjoy the rain as well as sunshine :)!

Yiruma picture for Kiss the Rain

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