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Interpreting for the VC of Birmingham City University

Interpreting for the VC of Birmingham City University

Doing business with the Chinese is increasingly common. There is a need for effective oral and written communication between the Middle Kingdom and the United Kingdom. Winning a deal and maintaining good ‘Guanxi’/ relations requires understanding.

Understanding what your client or customer is saying is vital. Increasingly British institutions and companies are working with people whose first language is Mandarin Chinese, the official language of Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore. A good Mandarin interpreter is often crucial in helping you to overcome the language and cultural barriers. The quality of interpreting matters greatly for any individuals and companies when you are holding business meetings with Chinese-speaking suppliers or visitors. When you are able to communicate clearly and effectively, it will help you in securing an important contract or building long-lasting relationships.

The Linguist & ‘Multi-Cultural Icon’

Junying has 4 postgrad degrees in the UK

Junying has 4 postgrad degrees in the UK

Dr. Junying Jeanie Kirk (PhD, MLitt, MBA, MA, BA, MITI, NRPSI) has worked as a cultural consultant as well as a professional interpreter and translator for over a decade. She is widely respected as a specialist between Mandarin Chinese and English. She has published internationally on the cultural differences between the East and the West and vice versa.

She has worked extensively for public and private clients, in the field of legal proceedings as well as in business negotiations. She has travelled widely within the UK and in the Far East to provide high quality cross-cultural consultancy, and in the competitive fields of interpreting & translation services.

Junying also has many years of teaching experience, teaching English as a foreign language as well as teaching Chinese at different levels, first in China and then in the UK.

 She established Dr Zen’s Mandarin Services in 2001 to provide high-quality, effective and comprehensive language and cultural consultancy.

Junying is a full member of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters (MITI).

Cross-Cultural Consultancy & International Partnerships

Accompanying Chinese architects in a tour of Birmingham businesses

Chinese architects on a tour of Birmingham businesses

Together with her business clients, Junying designs and delivers a range of workshops and training courses on doing businesses in China, as well as training Chinese business people in the UK to familiarise with the British culture. She has delivered training for a number of Western companies and multinational enterprises. On behalf of University of Nottingham, she provided cultural awareness training to a group of Chinese visitors to a large UK company, whose parent company is now Chinese. The training course is tailor-made, covering many aspects of British Culture and Society, and how the British people behave differently from the Chinese counterparts.

Following her long standing working relationship with Birmingham City University,  she is now working as an International Partnerships Manager in the International Office, providing vital support to the various international activities, including building relationships with governmental departments, Chinese institutions, looking after visiting academics from overseas, and helping to organise BCU’s International Summer Schools.



俊英在英国从事笔译和口译工作(汉语普通话)已有十多年的经验,她不但提供法律, 学术和科技翻译,而且还提供有关文化和语言咨询服务。她是中文翻译公司 创建人。为各种公司,政府部门,大学, 法庭,警察,英国边境署提供全面的笔译和口译。 为了帮助中国学生在英国的生活和学习,也提供翻译有关签证申请文件,表格即移民申请有关文件, 法律证件, 法律文稿和信件, 普通证件,文凭,学校报告,成绩单及银行证明等等。

Chinese Interpreting Services

Business Interpreting for a UK company in China

Business Interpreting for a UK company in China

Dr Junying Jeanie Kirk is fluent in English and Mandarin, as well as her native tongue Sichuan dialect, if this particular regional dialect is required by visitors from Sichuan province and Chongqing. Chinese Interpreting Services has been known for:

Quality: Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting services to suit different requirements;

Personal Service: dedicated to providing the very highest levels of personal service and to helping you in any way we can.

Willingness to Travel: interpreting services for events you are holding anywhere in the UK.

Confidentiality: all services are strictly confidential and professional conduct and ethics are adhered to at all times.

Track record: many years of professional experience in the interpreting services and fully committed to using our expertise to help all our clients in their communication needs.

Interpreting for Birmingham City University

Interpreting for Birmingham City University

Chinese & English Translation

When you consider English to Chinese translation, the form of written Chinese that should be used in communications depends on your target audience.

IMG_4510 2Simplified Chinese, written form using short-form (simplified) characters, used in Mainland China and Singapore.

Traditional Chinese, written form using long-form (traditional, or complicated) characters in use in Taiwan & Hong Kong (please note that in Hong Kong, the Spoken dialect is Cantonese, whose written form may vary slightly from the Traditional Script used in Taiwan)

It is strongly recommend that clients should use separate communications for each of the three key markets in Greater China – Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Chinese Year of Horse is not Year of Whores -  BBC, who did you use as your translator?

Chinese Year of Horse is not Year of Whores – BBC, who did you use as your translator?

Based in Birmingham, Dr Kirk’s Cross-Cultural Consultancy & Chinese Interpreting & Translation Services have provided services throughout the UK and beyond.

Interpreting and Consulting for UK instituions

Cross-cultual Consulting for UK instituions & Companies

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  1. Hi Junying,

    Yesterday, by Skype, I was chatting with my mate, Jim Thompson, in Finland.
    He told me about the interview you did with him back in October and sent me the link.

    So I checked in. And, while here, took the opportunity to enter more deeply into your most fascinating blog.
    It’s terrific and I’m loving it.
    So much so, in fact, that I took the liberty of adding you to our list of favorites on our own blog, Murder Is Everywhere.
    Because I’m quite sure our audiences overlap.

    We are seven authors of “international” mysteries.
    We don’t write about our books, or the craft of writing, but rather about items of cultural, historical or human interest centered around the various countries in which we set our stories.

    If you’d be kind enough to check in, and if you like what you see, we’d be most pleased if you’d add us to your list of blogs as well.
    You’ll find us here:

    And…we’re always open for a guest slot.

    An early post from you, re-cycled would be quite okay.

    Warmest Regards,


    • Junying says:

      Hi, Leighton,

      Thank you so much for leaving a message here and putting a link of my blog on your wonderful site. In return, I have added Murder is Everywhere under my A+ Authors and Networks too :)

      Apart from Jim, I think we have another mutual friend Mira Kolar Brown, from whom I have heard of your great work, although I have yet to read your books. Brazil is on my list to visit in the not too distant future, so a murder mystery set in that country would just be my cup of tea :)

      A guest post on your blog would be wonderful, and I shall take a proper look at your site this weekend and see how best I can contribute. Of course, if you have in mind what kind of post you’d like to have from me, I’ll do my best.

      Likewise, if any of you wonderful crime writers want to do a guest post on my blog, you’d be most welcome. If you are inclined to do an author interview at some stage in the future, please let me know.

      Will be checking in with you soon :)

      Thanks again for visiting and for your kind comments on my blog.

      Best Wishes,


  2. We do indeed! (Have a mutual friend.)
    Mira is great!
    Let’s establish contact by email
    My address, you have.
    Would you kindly send me yours?

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