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Interview by Guangdong TV Station

Because of our passion for books and creative pursuits of different kinds, we enjoy spending time and energy helping fellow wordsmiths and artists. We have embraced Social Media in its many splendid forms and enjoyed being part of an exciting network of creative people all over the Globe. We are thrilled to promote authors, musicians, and fascinating, inspirational professionals, no matter what you do or where you are!

Dialogues and Interviews

Reading is my Passion

Junying has conducted in-depth interviews with a number of authors, artists and other professionals. This dialogue will continue, inviting many more fascinating individuals to share their insights and life experiences with us. If  you lead an interesting life; you do a wonderful job which few people know anything about, or you have written a masterpiece; or you entertain people with your musical and artistic talents, we would love to speak with you.  Follow Junying on Twitter or drop her a line in one of the many ways you can reach her via the Social Media. Take a look at some of the interviews which have graced this site.

Interview by Facetime, Guangdong TV station

Interview by Facetime, Guangdong TV station

  • Dialogue with a Truly International and Inspirational Professor Julie Yu-Wen Chen

    Photo by Veikko Somerpuro

    Julie Yu-Wen Chen, Photo by Veikko Somerpuro

    Julie: “I have lived in many countries (Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Japan, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic etc). I think the biggest challenge is to learn the local language and get integrated into the host society. Sometimes because of my busy work, I don’t have much time to learn the local language. This creates a barrier between me and the locals. Mingling only with university colleagues and students in an English-speaking environment is not healthy. It is better that I get to learn the local culture and society. I am quite new in Finland. Life is super busy in the first few months. But I have allocated sometime this summer to learn Finnish.”

  • Meeting Friendly, Contemplative and Inspirational Rexcrisanto Delson 

ac3da03623d912862181d6d0be59615e“For first time authors, not enough can be said about the importance of having a substantive editor, who “gets” it. Since my first novel deals with certain ethnic cultures, I was lucky to find an editor with an anthropology background. Don’t just settle for a copyedit. Have someone look at it holistically (structure, tone, pace, plot, etc.)” Continue Reading ->

Author J J Collins

Author J J Collins

“I have always been fascinated with the strong sense of connection Irish-American’s hold to their heritage. There are over 40 million Irish-American’s and in my experience, they were often more passionate and patriotic about their Irish roots than even some native born Irish themselves. I have a natural love of history and found the circumstances leading to the American Civil War amazing for such a young nation. I thought I would combine my love of Irish-American history with my interest in the American Civil War into a book which explored the Irish connection and involvement.… Continue reading →

Author Profile“I love erotica because it’s sensuality wrapped in words. When I read it, I feel aroused like listening to a great piece of music, eating a delicious dessert, or taking a hot shower.

Writing itself simply appeals to my love for wordplay. I enjoy satire, alliteration, puns, and I’m always playing several games of Scrabble at any one time. …Continue reading →

229735_10150278700363294_599828293_9349015_2699644_n“I have travelled quite a lot and played in many beautiful venues. I want to bring my piano to some remote places, to  people who don’t have much opportunity to listen to classical music. Places like deep in the mountain of South West China, villages in Tibet, care homes in Europe, on safari in the South Africa, or even in prison … Continue reading →

Author Mira Kolar-Brown“I like experimenting with different formats of telling a story. The first two books are told from two different POVs that provide the reader with a richer insight into a variety of issues/ The third mystery in the series is also told from two POVs, and it also features extended POV of one of the story-tellers. But, of course, the main motivation for writing on is that there’s still a lot of the story left to be told. Not to mention, many murders just waiting to be committed.… Continue reading →

Author Dannie C Hill“I’ve been living in Thailand for the past 8 years with my wife and writing full time. I have lived the Marshall Islands, Vietnam, Budapest and many places in the U.S. I am a Southerner from North Carolina but my home, when in the States, is now Houston, Texas.… Continue reading →



  •  Author Dialogue 3: Meeting Mysterious, Melancholy, Multi-Published James Thompson
  • James Thompson photo courtesy of Markus Schulte“The winter doesn’t bother me, nor does the dark time. They used to, but I’ve come to enjoy them. Here in Helsinki, we don’t always get enough snow as I would like, as I find it cheerful, but these past couple winters we’ve been deluged in snow. Adapting to the culture was difficult and took some years. In those terms, Finland has been referred to as the Japan of the west, meaning that the cultural differences are so different from the rest of the western world that the country and its ways are nearly incomprehensible to outsiders.… Continue reading →
Author Profile

Author Profile

“Curiosity inspired me to write. I have been writing fiction for years. I’ve got drawers and drawers of the stuff. But I’ve mostly spent my time as a newspaper reporter in small towns throughout the province. Once I left that life to dedicate myself to writing full-time, I was surprised at how many ideas I had and how many books I wanted to write. … Continue reading →

Meeting Compassionate, Happy and Hardworking Jean Brown
Author Jean Brown

Author Jean Brown

“I am certainly character driven. My main focus is to create memorable characters. When I consider the multitude of books I’ve read over the past decades, I typically remember the interesting characters more than the plot. I think the plot is very important, but if the character is unique enough, it doesn’t really matter what he’s doing. I would like to consider my style similar to Dean Koontz. … Continue reading 

Author Profile“I was born a gamer. When I’m not writing or trying to pay the bills with work, I’m usually kicking back in front of my television playing video games on my Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 with my friends online. I also have a collection of vintage video games including a 30-year-old Intellivision video game system that still works. When feeling old school, I’ll hook up the old Intellivision and play some of my childhood favorites..and then quickly realize that the games seemed a lot easier when I was a kid (not to mention laugh at the dated graphics).… Continue reading →

313403_521997991185342_974732261_n“I’m not sure if I really have a style. I kind of just sit down and write whatever comes to me. Others who have read my work have claimed seeing comparisons to Stephen King, and while I view it as the highest compliment, I cannot say that it was intentional. I view writing, and style very much like art. An artist knows what his painting (or sculpture, etc.) say, and does not need to define them for others in order to know himself that it is complete. I write what comes to me; it can change with the wind. I just let my mind and soul run with it. What I produce, and especially the projects I have lined up, is hard to place in a particular category.” – Continue reading  ->

Author Jess C Scott“As a teen, sex to me was more than just a pastime or something physical to do. A relationship was more than something light and fluffy—I liked intensity that wasn’t based on something superficial like external looks only.

I found myself very uninspired/bored/irritated with the way sex and relationships were mostly depicted by the mainstream mass media. They seemed to gloss over the emotional and spiritual components to sexual activity, which is something I include in most of my writing (whether it’s fiction or non-fiction).… Continue reading →

Courtesy of Chafika Ben“I don’t think that the public has a good understanding of what our job involves and everyone think that they can interpret as long as they can speak a foreign language. You can speak a language but to interpret you have to be qualified, trained and skilled you also learn a lot through experience and practice. I think the most important thing is to convey to both parties what is being said and enable them to communicate with each other and unfortunately interpreters should keep a low profile and should not interfere. That is my understanding of a good interpreting but sometimes there are some cultural specifications that need to be addressed before.… Continue reading →

Josephine Litonjua“I have no illusions of who I am. I may not know all the names of my muscles and bones in my body, nor do I know all the scientific names in this world. I may not know how to speak neither Spanish nor Latin—but I know my worth—and I came to a point where I simply refused to let others tell me otherwise or to hurt me, relatives or not.… Continue reading →

  •  Meeting Frustrating, Obsessive, Silly, and Cute Mariam Kobras on Tour
  • Alt-Mariam-blk-wh-hi-res“This is an easy one: I get up, make coffee, start to work, and stop when it’s time for dinner, more or less. Sometimes I have lunch. I work around the writing, or write, all the time. See, I’m alone at home all day long, and I really, really detest housework. So it’s an easy decision. Also, with the decision to write in English instead of my native German, I’ve written myself into isolation. I don’t have many friends here. And no one here knows I’m an author. Funny, isn’t it? I live in Germany, but my books are published in the US, so no one knows about me.… Continue reading →

Author Lisa M Stull“I am PETRIFIED of butterflies. Seriously. I mean they’re pretty and all, but *shudders* those wings, and the way they flutter about. No thanks. It all started when I was six. I was sitting on the front porch of my childhood home, and, unbeknownst to me, a large Monarch landed on my shoulder. I looked over and saw it (and I swear it looked me right in the eye —eep!) and I FREAKED! What made it so bad, is no matter how much I shook my body and ran around, it would NOT leave me alone. And ever since then, it’s like the butterfly kingdom knows this and they flock to me. When I lay by my pool they just haveto come say hello (which, of course, means I run around like a complete idiot screaming).… Continue reading →

Author Gordon Mathieson“I always believed that equal opportunity is essential in every nation and culture. Many minority groups have struggled to become at least marginally recognized in all fields of interest. But there is still one group, the Asian and Asian Americans who have been short-shrifted in all areas of equal opportunity including arts and entertainment. Because of cultural differences with majorities in many countries, the prejudice still runs deep in many parts of the world.… Continue reading →

Slagel-5x7“It’s not easy tooting your own horn!  Maybe an interesting aspect of my personality is the ability to empathize with a variety of situations/people.  It is almost uncanny the way my life has unfolded with such drama, only to make me into the person I am today – a woman who has been there, done that and can truly understand others. … Continue reading →

Fantasy Author Matt Posner“If I’m not working or writing, I spend leisure time with Julie. We are into movies, TV, and family events. Also, we like to travel, especially to Europe, where we have been to several countries, including your adopted homeland, England.

I am in an avant-garde musical group, The Exploration Project, where I work with poetry and percussion. We have a painter, Eric Henty ( who makes original canvases while we make the sounds, and we have several musicians, including the founder, Scott Rifkin, who plays a custom-made James DeCava double-neck six-string guitar, and our newest member, Peter Dragotta, a woodwind specialist.… Continue reading →

Junying’s Interviews & Guest Posts

Interview about my Journey to the West, with Guangdong TV Station Facetime Team

Interview about my Journey to the West by Guangdong TV Station Facetime English Programme

Ever since the publication of my books, I have done a number of interviews with fellow authors and book reviewers, as well as making guest appearances on some fabulous sites. The above pictures were taken during my interview by one of China’s TV Stations. Guangdong Facetime English programme was my host. See the link below to watch the first draft of the programme shown on the 19th February 2013:

电视频道国际频道面对面> A Lady’s Journey to the West

"Journey to the West "Trilogy

“Journey to the West” Trilogy

Facetime Interview6

Matt Posner: “Welcome Back, Junying Kirk”

Jane Isaac Talks to Junying Kirk on Her “Journey to the West”

A Literary Conversation with S Anupam

Characters, Editing, Genre & Interesting Facts about Land of Hope – Lisa M Stull

A Review of land of Hope by Junying Kirk – Jean Brown

Interview on Land of Hope with Vanessa Wu

IMG_1736 Interview with Sibel Hodge

The Same Moon Review and Interview with Jenna Christy

Jewel Adams Getting to Know Junying Kirk

Multicultural Icon with Matt Posner of School of the Ages

Fun Chat with Lisa M Stull

Jess C Scott Interviews Junying Kirk

Eden Baylee Gets Inside an Author’s Mind: Junying Kirk

Murder is Everywhere: Guest Author Junying Kirk

SSBooksFanatics: My “Journey to the West”

Author Roundtable with Jason Bourne

Inspiration behind the Trilogy with eTLC

Facetime Interview5

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SSBFTOLBUTTONWe are open to host blog tours. If you have a new book to release, or if you want to promote a book which has already been published, either in paperback, or electronically; perhaps you have a CD, a film or whatever you have created, we would be delighted to showcase your work. We would post your bio, book covers, book trailers, a synopsis or a review of of your book, or links to YouTube channel etc. You can host a contest on our site and offer readers freebies or discounts to entice them. We will help you to reach out.

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Because we are authors, bloggers and most of all, avid readers, we have published a number of book reviews on our site. We want to share with the public the kind of books that interest and enchant us, stories that inform and inspire us, especially great literature that has taken us on an enjoyable ride and we feel enriched at the end of that journey.  If we have read a book which we think is too good to miss, we would post a blog as well as sharing our reviews on Amazon and GoodReads. We have found this to be a very effective way to support authors, artists and their wonderful products.

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