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#Interpreting: “You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Can’t Make it Drink”

We have a member of staff who speaks Chinese and English and we use her as an interpreter. She never had any interpreting training. I wonder if you can train her and make her more effective? The request email came … Continue reading

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More Hilarious Signs of #Translation: #Chinese and #English

Having worked as a professional interpreter and translator for more than a decade, it is not surprising that I have acquired a new hobby: collecting interesting translation signs. Thanks to many unknown, ingenious Chinese translators, or perhaps it’s the fault … Continue reading

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A #Foodie’s Guide to the Most Popular #British #Food

Do you enjoy food? Do you think that food is just fuel (as many British people do), or it is simply the most delightful, heavenly gift for us mortals to savour its exquisite and varied flavours, to tickle our tastebuds, to share with … Continue reading

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#Translation Can Be Stupid & Comical: #Chinese, #Spanish and #English Signs For Laughs

During the interesting and engaging discussions on my post Bilingual Readers: Do You Prefer to Read in English or in Your Mother Tongue?,  I got ‘chatting’ with many smart, multilingual professional translators on LinkedIn including Phyllis Eisenstadt. On learning that we both collect funny … Continue reading

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